Careers On The Move offers two types of search services, Retainer and Contingency.  The total service fees for each amount to the same although they are scheduled differently.  We feel the benefits of a retained search are superior because it is a highly focused, targeted search customized to clients individual needs and is a more time and labor-intensive process.  However, our rate of client retention and exclusivity over the years for multiple searches is the best indicator of our dedication and results regardless of the contract chosen.  It is our mission to identify the highest caliber of candidates in a timely and efficient manner for all our clients.


Typically a retained search focuses on prospecting, identifying and securing passive candidates.  Clients have used our retainer services for executive searches, privacy matters and bulk hiring as well as international hires, and establishing new offices in the states and abroad.  A time line is established to identify a select group of top candidates, conduct multiple interviews, perform an intense screening process, and provide assistance in determination of the chosen hire.  We will work side by side with our clients in providing professionals who not only fulfill the job requirements but will also fit seamlessly into a company’s culture.  Careers On The Move performs a comprehensive review of candidates work, reference checks, and has extensive interaction with our client and candidates to ensure a successful placement.


A contingency search is a commission-based search in which the fees are paid when a placement is made.  This search includes active and passive candidates.  Careers On The Move performs a thorough review of a candidates work, reference checks, and interacts with clients throughout the search to ensure a successful placement.

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